What's Doing at the DMV

As discussed at the Vermont Auto Conference in September, there are significant changes happening at the Department of Motor Vehicles that will impact operations of registered dealers in Vermont. These updates include the DMV Registration Application (VD-119), Vehicle Titles, Fee changes, temporary office closures, and new myDMV online access.

Closure of Offices and Online Services:

All DMV offices will be closed to the public from November 8 to November 14. On Wednesday, November 15, offices will re-open for in-person transactions.  All online services will be unavailable from November 5 to November 13. On Monday, November 13, the new myDMV portal will reopen for online services.  If you need to visit an office in person following the updates, please schedule an appointment at mydmv.vermont.gov.

DMV Registration Application (VD-119):

This system brings several modifications to the data required for vehicle registration. These changes will greatly simplify data entry into the new myDMV for dealers. Some of the notable differences between the new and old versions of the form include:

— Changes to the section numbers.

— The order of items has been rearranged to better align with the data entry process within the DMV

system. This will be critical when you enter data for submission to myDMV.

— The "Department use only" section has been removed, as it is no longer needed.

— The Co-Owner/Lessor section has been revised. Note that among the minor changes here, the DMV no longer ask for the co-owner's or lease company's physical address.

The DMV has added options for one-year, two-year (available for all registrations), and five-year registrations (limited to Trailers and Municipal vehicles). These are not new options, but the old application did not make it clear they were available options.  Please note that the newly revised application is not yet available for order and is not accessible on the public website. However, the DMV can provide an unlocked PDF or WORD document upon request. Additionally, there may be minor edits to other related forms such as the Bill of Sale & ODS (VT-005), Replacement Registration (VD-040), and Title applications (various form numbers). As these forms are modified, they will be added to the public website and available from the DMV stockroom upon request.

The DMV requests that  you begin using the new version of the registration application by January 1, 2024. You may begin using the new application as soon as early November 12th.

Titles: Effective January 1, 2024, Vermont's title law will significantly change. Currently, Vermont titles vehicles (including Motorboats, ATVs, and snowmobiles) that are 15 years old or newer based on the calendar year (with some exceptions). Beginning January 1st, 2024, Vermont will title all vehicles (including Motorboats, ATVs, and snowmobiles) regardless of age. Aside from removing the 15-year condition, the current exemptions to the title laws will remain unchanged.

Fees: During the 2023-2024 Legislative Session, Act 62 was passed, which includes changes to most fees collected by the DMV. Attached is a summary of the fees impacting vehicle registrations and dealers (see attachment 2). All new fees will be posted to the DMV website by early December.

myDMV: The myDMV online portal will be your comprehensive platform for managing all your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) accounts conveniently from a single location. Once you've set up your online profile, you'll gain access to a range of features for viewing and managing your various DMV accounts. The options available for online transactions will vary depending on the types of accounts you hold. You'll find the sections where you can pay any outstanding balances and access information about dealer sales registered in Vermont through the DMV.  As a vehicle or motorboat dealer, you can utilize the "Order Supplies" hyperlink in the vehicle dealer account panel to request essential items such as temporary plates, title reassignments, and other supplies. You can order metal plates through this portal if your dealer license is part of the metal plate program.

Click here to download the full letter, fee schedule and new form.